Monday, March 21, 2011


Well.... We had our awesome family trip......Ty wanted to go to VEGAS for his 8th Birthday of course! ha ha.. ya- he's 8! JD and Dillon met the kids and I there- We stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, freakin' awesome, great view- sunshine, Super Fabulous! Such a good time! Definitely planning a girls trip back soon.

Mindi and Theo came to stay with us over spring break. We visited the Sandy aquarium, that was nice- cool for what it is.... Movie nights, mall time/carousel went by too fast! Me and Mind had a night out at Market Street and Osacrs! I love that girl!! she is so much fun- makes me want to move home-

Now... planning Ms. Vainuku's Sweet 16 Birthday Party!! holy cow, where has all of the time gone? She is so amazing in every way... I am soo lucky to have such a good girl! She wants a SUPER HERO PARTY... so .. that is what is going down next weekend! I'm excited.. everyone will be in town for it- both sides of the family.. Johns and mine- should be great!

I'm picking all of my classes for school right now.. I'm excited to get that ball rolling... Started swimming- Hopefully the mini- triathlon training goes well!! swimming kicks my butt! ha ha.. We are also trying to get Kauai finalized!! Can't wait. All in all.. we are busy, spread thin, tired and SO BLESSED all in the same sigh!!! I need to get some pictures posted soon!! gotta GO.. laundry to fold- and the treadmill is calling my name!

PS.. love this song.. SIDEWAYS~ 6812


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