Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 2011~

So many new things going on for our little family. We moved to Sandy, nice to have a house with too much space and an amazing view of the Salt Lake valley!

Athena just finished her Basketball season with Murray Varsity Basketball! She played so well- right up until she got got a concussion in the OREM game, and sat at the last 3 games! (next year #45!!) Ty also played Jr. Jazz this season- so fun to watch that age group play!! He surprised me!! He got game!! MAD D!! MAD!!

We just got back from a quick trip to Boise for Baby Theo's 1st Birthday!! he is soo stinkin CUTE!! I finally met Baby BRYSON!! omg!! you just want to pinch his fat face 24/7!! Miss my family SO much, makes me want to move back to be with them.....

As for me... just working- made the decision to stop procrastinating, and get back to school- I go back for REAL this Fall @ the U! It will be hectic- but worth it!! We are going to VEGAS next weekend for Ty's late Birthday- Planning our trip to Hawaii...lots on my to-do list! That is the short version of our life the last couple of months!

***Athena finished her first song, and has her video on youtube!!***
Check out her link, it is amazing.. made my cry! She is self taught, and bought that BLUE guitar with her own money a few years ago....and NOW.. wow! all I have to say.. very proud of her- words can not explain how blessed I am to have her in my life.

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