Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer 2010.........

Too long since the last post... ha ha.... So many memorable experiences~

Long story short... Ty's Birthday Feb. 3rd (7!!) Athena's Birthday April 5th (15!!), MIAMI, FL for me.... Athena's Promotion Murray HIGH! , Kids to Bosie with Grandma and Pirate BILL.... Bridal showers for Maraki and Annie.. Wedding in Tennessee! ! ! Kids having an AwesoMe time in Silverstrand with Stacy-JD and baby Sami, trip to Lava HOT springs ! Annie got Married in Greece!

Work is going really well- the kids come home the 6Th... so many fun things going on... SO blessed! miss Athena and Ty sooo much, the break was nice for about a week- I don't know what to do without them.. work, work/out, scrapbook and facebook! LOL...

Planning our Family trip to Hawaii..... and Greece in the summer of 2012.... Athena is in High School.. and my baby is in 2ND grade! does NOT get better than this... All I can do is SMILE!

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